What does your company do, and what makes it unique in the industry?

Main Stop’s (Saneholtz- McKarns Inc.) is a Marathon- branded fuel distributor in northwest Ohio that operates 16 convenience stores with fuel. We strive to be the local hometown store serving the needs of each community. We have a spectacular team — many have been with us a long, long time.

Looking to the future, what challenges do you see facing the industry in Ohio?
Retail has been at the forefront of providing services during the pandemic, and we will be the leaders coming out of the pandemic. Main Stop’s will continue to lead toward being safe, open community hubs. As consumer needs evolve, so will our industry.

How and when did you first get involved with the OECA?

I had been a Board member with the Ohio Association of Convenience Stores (OACS) for  a part of the merger between OACS and OPMCA, which created the new OECA.

What are the highlights of membership for you?

Membership in OECA is vital for companies that want to stay in touch with other members of the energy and retail sector, as well as stay abreast of the changes in industry. There are also great opportunities to save money for your company through service partnerships.

What is your advice for new members?

Be engaged! Make the most of the resources and opportunities like M-PACT and networking with like- minded individuals.